Helping Hands Impact

Below are actual letters from veterans who’s lives have been impacted by the Helping Hands program. (Personal information has been redacted for privacy)

Letter of Thanks for Power Lift Recliner

Dear Tim,

Almost a month has passed regrettably on my part, since My therapist Candace Monzon Taylor from the Ogden Vet Center took me shopping for a power lift recliner. I apologize for not sending you a note sooner than today.

Your organization’s generosity in purchasing a power lift recliner from the Lazy Boy store on Riverdale in Ogden, was a true blessing in this time of my tumultuous life after undergoing brain surgery to remove a 4″ x 4″ tumor which had been present for 3 yrs to the best of mine and the neurosurgeon’s calculations. Given that much time it had completely paralyzed my entire right side of my body and I was no longer able to get out of my own recliner once I regained a bit of mobility. With this new recliner I am able to get up on my own safely with the aid of the lift mechanism.

Please know that you’ve made a huge difference in my life for which I am truly grateful. I wouldn’t have been able to come home from the rehab facility as quickly as I did. I apologize that this isn’t a handwritten card of thanks but I’m not able to write quite legibly enough to do that and it has also affected my ability to do many other things that I enjoyed such as my art and other everyday functions of cooking, etc. All of which I’m trying to regain the motor skills to resume. I’m improving a tiny step at a time and pray that I regain all of those fine motor skills and full use of my right leg and foot.

I deeply appreciate your assistance in getting one headache I had in being able to function independently in my home.

Most Sincerely,
Vietnam era Navy Veteran

Big Thank You!!!

Dear Mr. Jenson,

I want to thank you and Utah Veteran’s Alliance for paying my October rent. It will help me in many ways. I will be losing alimony payments to the tune of $550.00 per month at the end of October. This will help ease the transition from “poor” to “really, really poor”, more than you could know.

You showed up in the nick of time as the saying goes. I am so blessed!
Thanks to you and everyone who made this possible for this aging former Navy Corpsman (or Corpswave as we were called). I am so grateful!!!

Sincerely, _________________

Thank You!

Attn: Tim Jenson,

Thank you so much for the help with the Medical biil that you paid. Thank for all the help that you and your company continue to doll.
Myself and my brother will be forever grateful. You had mentioned that we could get a receipt for that is that still possible? If so we would like to have one.

Thank You Utah Veteran’s Alliance

I want to take a moment to thank the great Americans working at Utah vet Alliance. I am a veteran that served 27 years. I was severely wounded in combat, leaving both of my legs partially paralyzed. The VA helped in numerous ways with my continued physical therapy. However the process for getting expensive items like an electric wheelchair can take over a year sometimes. I was suffering from not being able to socialize in society due to my lack of movement in my legs. My counselor at the VA reached out to Tim at Utah vet Alliance to see if they could help. Without hesitation Tim reached out to me to assess my needs. Very soon I was presented with an amazing electric wheelchair. Having the ability to participate in so many activities in life made the world of difference. In fact I might venture to say it saved my life. So again I want to thank all those that voluntarily chose to help me out, especially those wonderful Americans that care for veterans like me enough to donate to great organizations that truly care. Without a doubt Tim and others were truly concerned about my well-being. I am improving leaps and bounds in my physical therapy, and now I am using my chair less and less. So thanks to you all and God bless. Sincerely SSF Halladay retired

On Wed, Oct 6, 2021, 3:05 PM contact 4rutvets.org wrote:
Thank you for reaching out and letting us know your progress. Speaking with you affirms that the help we give can make a huge difference in your life and others as well. If you could write a brief impact statement it would go a long way for us to secure future funding. Please keep in touch and we hope to get some pictures soon.

Tim Jenson President

Thank You!

Dear Mr. Jenson:

I would like to thank you for helping me. I am deeply grateful to you and your organization for being so kind and generous. I was very depressed about my financial situation when I called because I only have my social security income to live on. Your helping me to get the tires I needed for my car meant so much to me. It enabled me to make the trips to Salt Lake City to keep my appointments with the VA Hospital and to the oncologist that the VA referred me to. The appointments in Salt Lake City were my only option because there weren’t any doctors available in the Monticelio area who could treat my condition.

I’m also very, very thankful to you for helping me to find a dentist. I don’t qualify for dental care through the VA, and my teeth are in very bad condition. I’m unable to obtain dental care unless I can pay for any treatment in advance. I’ve had three emergency treatments between $150—$200 each. With your kindness and help, I am now able to get to get the worst teeth fixed while trying to find some type of dental insurance that I can afford.

With all the kindness and empathy, you’ve shown me, you’ve helped me to get my PTSD and anxiety back under control. In addition, your reassurance and help made me feel better in knowing that your organization is compassionate and respectful to veterans.

I don’t know what I would have done to get my treatments, and to overcome my depression and anxiety attacks. The Utah Alliance Veterans Group and your taking the time to talk with me, understand my situation, and help me to find solutions were a God send for me and many others.

The only funding your organization receives is from the generous donations from the wonderful, caring people who make this vital aid available for our Veterans, which is truly amazing and deeply appreciated.

Many thanks to you and the U.V.A.G. once again for reaching out and assisting veterans. You are truly a blessing.

With very best wishes, ______________________________

A Letter from the Salt Lake Vet Center

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