Helping Hands for Utah’s Heroes


The transition from active-duty military service to the job of rebuilding a life, for a veteran and his or her family, can be overwhelming; even more if a soldier comes home with a combat injury or illness. Moving away from a combat mindset is certainly hard enough, but add to that the changes at home, financial needs, or finding a job, and the transition becomes even more difficult. These are only a few of the initial adjustments a returning vet must deal with, and the list goes on. Remember, the physical wounds and mental suffering that these men and women have endured lasts well beyond the battlefield and we need to understand that something as simple as the extra expense of a car repair, or as difficult as making a home handicap accessible, can be the one event that brings the best laid plans tumbling down.

Then there are the military families awaiting their soldiers return, or the disabled veteran who lives on a fixed income, who can they turn to when the furnace goes out, or the roof needs repaired, or the yard is just too much to handle and has become overgrown?

These are all things that the Utah Veterans Alliance can help with. By providing financial assistance or organizing a service project, even by connecting the veterans or their families with resources in the community who can provide assistance, we want to help them stay self sufficient and improve their quality of life.

These are our heroes and they deserve our support. These proud men and women won’t ask for a handout, but with your support we can offer them a hand-up.

If you would like to join us by making a donation “click here.” If you would like to nominate a veteran for a service project, or would like to request assistance please click the link below and fill out our contact form.